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June 4th, 2011 at 1:37 am

Begins another season: advance FIFA 12 and PES 2012

Now that the football season begins to come to an end comes to the “other” season , they play every year the two major football franchises Consoleros: FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer .

The first to open fire this year, as happened last year, was Konami , which has already shown a video in which Shingo “Seabass” Takatsuka, executive producer of Pro Evolution Soccer , talks about the new version including 2012 . After the jump you have the video :

In it, this nice man tells us about the virtues of the game and on the two pillars on which to base this issue: team play and improved AI .

For his part, responsible for its sworn enemy, the guys at Electronic Arts, still are a bit shy. However, and through the official journal PlayStation Magazine UK , and we could see the first footage of FIFA 12 :

Source: LivingPS3

The new version of the simulator Electronic Arts announced as major developments ahead of their 2012 version called Impact Engine , a new collision engine that promises to add more realism to the contact between players , and improved the system Personality Plus , by which the differences between players are more evident and the movements of each are closer to “as you move in real life” .

In addition, the version of FIFA 12 for Nintendo 3DS promises to give a lot to talk …

The battle is served. Who do you think will win this year? “FIFA or PES?

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June 3rd, 2011 at 1:49 am

Google’s Cloud-based Laptops Should Improve On 4 Things

Amazon has not even started to take preorders for the six Chromebook stock keeping units but two of them are already in the top 20 “most wished for” laptop category.

The original Chromebooks though are far from being perfect and there are at least four things that can be done to improve the current generation quite easily actually.

(1) For unknown reasons, Google opted to get Chrome OS to run on Intel hardware rather than ARM. Switching to ARM will have a knock on effect on a number of critical features.

For example, the one-year old Toshiba AC100-10U laptop, which runs Android, is cheaper by a third and weighs 40 per cent less while having a similar battery life compared to the average Chromebook.

What’s even more incredible is that the AC100 uses a 2200mah, 3-cell laptop battery compared to 6-cell 8280mAh monster on the Samsung Chromebook for instance.

This also has other implications; Chromebooks for example will have more expensive and bulkier brick-type power adaptors whereas Chromebooks based on ARM are likely to have smaller, cheaper wall-type models.

(2) Speaking of the battery in the Chromebook, making it removable would be a great idea as the laptop only supports up to 1000 cycles or around 18 months in the worse case scenario.

(3) Bringing in an Ethernet port – a conspicuous omission – would also make a lot of sense especially if you have to set up the laptop in a notspot zone in the first place.

(4) Connectivitywise, turning Chromebooks into hotspots would be a pretty cool addition indeed, something that Connectify does already for Windows and Google already achieved with Android since Froyo.

While we are looking forward for the first wave of Chromebooks, we cannot wait for the next generation of Google’s cloud-based laptops to come forward.

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June 3rd, 2011 at 1:46 am

Give Your Battery A Boost

Smartphone batteries have to be small, lightweight and yet power the device for an extended stretch while you talk, SMS, email, surf the web, take photos and videos or listen to music. The biggest  battery  eater in a smartphone is the screen, so you can start by reducing brightness. Kill any background apps, switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use, don’t use fancy screensavers and animated wallpapers and switch off push notifications for an instant boost.

In laptops too, the screen is a large draw on the laptop battery . Reduce the brightness to an acceptable level, switch off Bluetooth/Wi-Fi if not in use, disconnect any peripherals that are drawing power from USB and use the built in power saving settings for the maximum benefit.

For cameras, pretty much the only thing that helps extend camera battery life is minimal use of the flash and minimal use of the LCD (if an optical viewfinder is available).

Unfortunately, battery technology has not kept pace with the rest of the technology in our devices. If battery technology had kept pace, by now we would have had laptop batteries that charge to full capacity in a few minutes and last for weeks on end. Fuel cell batteries meanwhile, are still a few years away. Currently, all rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge and discharge cycles – their charge retention capacity gradually reduces with each cycle. Over time, a battery needs replacement when its usable life is over – and you can tell when the backup time is one-third of what it used to be when new. To make any rechargeable battery last longer, you simply have to extend the time between each charge-discharge cycle, i.e., charge the battery only when less than 5% is remaining, and do not remove the charger until the battery has charged fully. This way, you ensure that each charge lasts you the maximum amount of time. Periodically, drain the battery down till the device shuts off completely and then charge till full.

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April 27th, 2011 at 7:29 am

Buy high quality 2.5W 60 LED plant growth lights

Buy high quality 2.5W 60LED plant growth lights

2.5W 60LED plant growth lights

Want to find great offers on the 2.5W 60LED plant growth lights? Then, you’re in the right place. We provide listings for the 2.5W 60LED plant growth lights from top online stores. You can also read up on complete product features, reviews and a wide range of offers for the 2.5W 60LED plant growth lights.

LED Parameters:2m21m
LED SIZE:Ø60x80mm
LED Type :F5 LED
LED Wavelengthλd(nm)Or Tc(k):Red 630 blue 470
LED Color: Red & Blue
LED ConfigurationZ:60PCS(48Redand 12Blue)

No Type Unit Parameters
1 working environment ºC -20~40
2 storage condition ºC -40~85
3 work frequency Hz 50/60
4 limited voltage V AC:175-260
5 current mA 18
6 power W 2.5
7 Lighting time Hour 12-16
8 Lifespan Hour 30,000

Product Description:

This panel has no ballasts to burn out like other plant lights.

It does not run hot, just warm. You will not experience unsightly brown burned leaves when they accidentally touch the LEDs. This is common with most other lights that get very hot. This more controlled running temperature reduces the need to water so often and keeps rooms with plants from getting uncomfortably hot in the summer months requiring additional air conditioning. Extreme energy efficiency permits this new LED panel to pay for itself many times over each year in electricity savings.

It saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Wide angle projection insures uniform leaf coverage. Scientifically calculated even blending of red and blue LEDs eliminates the time consuming task of repositioning separate colored lights back and forth trying to achieve uniform exposure. 14 to 16 hours per day is all that is necessary for maximum plant health with this wave blended lighting system. This allows distances 6″ and less between the LEDs and the plants accelerating photosynthesis. Red and blue wavelengths are for growing and flowering of plants.

The typical white plant lights that are very hot is unnecessary and just consume excessive electricity.

The purity of the LED generated light lengthens flowering periods.

These LEDs turn on instantly and can be turned on by hand each day or work well with all standard lamp timers.

The design of this new all in one Full Spectrum plant lighting panel allows maximum level photosynthesis food production, growth and flowering all in one.

2.5W 60LED plant growth lights,Wide angle projection

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April 21st, 2011 at 2:23 am

To help you budget your time, Called HP Laptop Battery Go

Ever run your MacBook or MacBook Pro without the battery installed? Most people don’t, but some notebook users pop them out when their systems are running on AC with hopes of extending the life of their hp pavillion dv6000 battery by a few months.

The battery stays in. If you’re a MacBook or MacBook Pro owner, you’ll get the best performance out of your system when you leave the  hp nx7400 battery in. A small extension of your battery’s life span is not worth a 37 percent drop in performance.

If you’re operating a MacBook or MacBook Pro system with a dead battery, I invite you to benchmark your own system: Try testing your notebook with and without the dead battery installed. You can use a free download of Cinebench R10 to benchmark your Apple system. Be sure to close all applications and disable Airport and Bluetooth before you run the test. And please let us know your results as a comment below.

Pulling the trigger would initiate high-speed movement that gets the electromagnetic induction coil to provide the energy needed for the remote control to operate. The coil can generate 20-30mA of current enough to transmit signals using infrared light.

To operate the device, you need to pull the trigger once to change channels and twice to turn the TV set on/off–making the No  HP  hstnn-ub73  Battery Remote Control a not-so-ideal remote control after all. Perhaps if they could find a way to let people choose channels instead of clicking on and on, it’ll be usable. But, it’s the technology that matters, not the remote control itself. If the mechanism could be used for other devices and allow them to operate without batteries, then that’ll be great. Anyhow, it’s just a prototype–who knows, we might be using it sometime in the future after all.

The guarantee will cover the performance of the battery, specifically a certain capacity level, according to the HP spokesman. If the compaq presario c700 battery ‘s capacity drops below the guaranteed level — a value less than 100 percent, the HP spokesman said — a user can exchange the battery for another. For its part, Boston-Power markets Sonata as a technology that delivers “like-new performance” for three years, offering the “same, unwavering capacity of a new battery that entire time”.

Although lithium-ion batteries have been plagued with a rash of problems, a Boston-Power spokesman said the company “was fundamentally founded on safety. It’s a non-negotiable issue.”

To help you budget your time,  Called HP Laptop Battery Go!, it shows your current power level, as well as what you could do with that much charge. Four big icons show you how long you could surf the Web, talk on the phone, listen to music, and watch video with your current charge level.

Besides showing your actually power level, the hp pavilion dv3000 battery Go! app lets you see how much usage you’d get at hypothetical power levels. A slider bar along the top lets you view usage times for different levels, so you can see how much phone time you’d have left, for example, if you watched a movie for two hours.

The app sells for a modest $.99 and will definitely be welcome to heavy iPhone users. If you’ve gotten battery level warnings on your iPod or iPhone before and wondered just how much usage you have left, give HP HSTNN-OB06 Battery Go!

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February 9th, 2011 at 6:56 am

How to Test a Laptop Battery

Testing a laptop battery allows you to determine if it has any remaining charge. The best way to test a battery is to connect it to a laptop and turn the unit on. However, there are several other ways to determine if your laptop battery has any charge.


  1. 1

    Test your laptop battery with a test light. Check the test light first to make sure it works. Connect the light to a metal ground source. Check the test light on a battery that you know works. If the test light glows, it’s good. Place the light’s test end into the battery’s positive port. If the light glows, your battery is good.

  2. 2

    Check your laptop battery with a battery tester. Put one end of the tester in the battery’s positive port, and the other in a negative port. The tester will read how much life is in the battery, if any.

  3. 3

    Hook your laptop battery up to a multimeter. Follow the process in Step 2 to connect the meter and determine how much charge is left in the battery. Most multimeters are electronic, but some have gauges that move to a certain point.

  4. 4

    Place the laptop battery on a battery charger. These are mostly used for cars. Battery chargers generally indicate if a battery is good, bad or needs a charge.


ACER W83066LC W84066LC battery

ACER AS07A31 KOHJINSHA LBATZZ02 Packard bell EasyNote TJ61

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January 28th, 2011 at 9:35 am

Buy high quality New 3.5″ CCTV Tester camera tester,12V Power Out

Want to find great offers on the New 3.5″ CCTV Tester camera tester,12V Power Out? Then, you’re in the right place. We provide listings for the New 3.5″ CCTV Tester camera tester,12V Power Out from top online stores. You can also read up on complete product features, reviews and a wide range of offers for the New 3.5″ CCTV Tester camera tester,12V Power Out.

This device is applied to closed circuit TV monitor system, bus alarm system, and RS485 and RS232 data communications. And it is a classic product for the installment, debugging, maintenance and exclusion of equipment failure of site operators to improve the efficiency of site engineers.
This part describes product features and basic operation of the menu, including menu calling, menu selecting, parameters changing, parameters saving and menu exiting.

Image Testing
Using video cable to connect front camera with security tester directly, the built-in monitor can help to check the camera image visually and conveniently, and with VIDEO IN, it’s easy to read the data.

Control of the Ball Machine and Decoder
Under the normal communication of ball machine or decoder RS485/RS232 with the tester, users can use the control buttons in front panel to control the up, down, left and right rotation of cloud platform, and adjust the varifocal, focusing and aperture value of the ball machine.

Set-up Preset and Go-to Preset
With the application of preset, ball machine or decoder with preset can save the horizontal angle, tilt angle, camera focal length and other position parameters of present cloud platform, so that operators can go to preset with command conveniently and fast, adjusting the cloud platform and camera into this position. This function is also applicable for calling menu of ball machine or camera.

Continuous Data Transmission
It will automatically keep transmitting data if the power is on to support the data receiving of another tester or computer, and could be used to test the data line state.
Generation of Video Signals
It can generate three full screen output colors, blue, black and green, and could be used to test video line state and the screen condition of LCD monitor.

Lithium Battery Charging
Security tester should be charged by special 8.4V lithium battery charger.

Product Features

Handheld 3.5 inch TFT high DPI monitor
Automatic identification of multi-system
OSD menu for product functions
Various ball machine control protocol and baud rate
Support 0-255 address
Support changeable ball machine speed
Support automatic scanning and sending of protocol and address
Support set-up preset and go-to preset
Support parameter program of ball machine and camera
Support RS485/RS232 data input and presentation
Automatic identification of protocol and address in accordance with received date code
Support continuous RS485/RS232 data transmission
Support video intensity testing
Support power saving mode, with automatic power-off under 1-30minutes no action.
Controlling rotation, lens focal length, focus etc. of the ball machine through data interface.
Buzzer is able to be on or off
Double indicators like LED light and buzzer for sending and receiving data
Support various single color signals, able to be used as transmitter of video signal for LCD screen testing
Support independent cease order
Loaded with two 2000MA batteries.

ASUS battery replacement for ASUS AL23-901 AL24-1000 870AAQ159571,Asus Eee PC 901 1000 1000H 1200 series battery pack



ASUS A32-F3 A33-F3 90-NI11B1000S

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January 6th, 2011 at 8:46 am

If you love gadgets that know how to multitask then you’re going to love this amazing digital audio recorder

560hours 2GB Voice Activated Dictaphone Recorder FM MP3

HNSAT® Brand,High Quality,1 Year Warranty

If you love gadgets that know how to multitask then you’re going to love this amazing digital audio recorder. Not only is it a handy device for capturing your thoughts and taking minutes at a meeting, it’s also an excellent telephone recorder, and MP3 player!

Stylish and compact, the recorder offers one touch recording when you want it, and different quality recording modes when you need it. Record on the fly, set up voice activated recording. Why would you need that? Maybe you suspect your girlfriend of having steamy conversations while you’re at work. Perhaps you’re convinced little Bobby is calling his girlfriend instead of his pals for homework help. Maybe you just want to hear what Carl and Lenny are saying about when you’re away from your cubicle. Whatever the reason why buy a standalone digital voice recorder when this baby does so much more…

Selling for so much less than comparable voice recorders, this USB digital voice and telephone recorder is a mean entertainment unit too! It plays MP3s! With 2 GB internal memory, you can load in roughly 400 songs for hours and hours of listening pleasure. Best of all, no external batteries and cables are needed. It has a built in USB interfaced rechargeable battery for ease and convenience.


Main Function: Digital Audio Recorder
Additional Functions: Telephone Conversation Recorder, Music Player, USB Flash Drive
-Type: Built-in Flash
-Capacity: 2GB
-Formatting: FAT
-Type: Built-in Rechargeable
-Source: On board USB Connector or AC Adapter
-Modes (LP, SP, HP)
-Formats (ACT, WAV, MP3)
Recording Bit Rates
LP – 8 Kbps
SP – 32 Kbps
HP – 128 Kbps
Recording times (2GB)
LP – 560 Hrs
SP – 140 Hrs
HP – 34 Hrs
Playback Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, ACT
USB Device: 2.0
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
SNR: 80 dB (MP3)
Maximum Output: 10mW
Audio Jack Size: 3.5mm
Operating Systems: Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista (32 bit version only) /Windows7 (drivers are included for installation on Windows 98 systems)
Dimensions: 95mm x 28mm x 8mm (L x W x D)

Package Contents

Model Digital Audio Recorder (2GB)
User Manual – English
Telephone Recorder Adapter
Software Mini CD
3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable
Male to Male Cable
AC Adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)

560hours 2GB Voice Activated Dictaphone Recorder FM MP3

6Cell AL10B31 AL10G31 AL10A31 battery for ACER Aspire One AOD260 AOD255 Series

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January 6th, 2011 at 8:31 am

Camera Easily Mounts In Almost Any Vehicle Easily Record The Driving Conditions In front Of You

Buy high quality HD720p Vehicle Car Camera DVR CAM Dashboard Recorder

HD720p Vehicle Car Camera DVR CAM Dashboard Recorder

1.AV out
2.DC 5V input
3.USB(Software upgrade)
7.SD card slot
8.Power pilot lamp
9.Battery pilot lamp
10.Recording pilot lamp
11.Reset button (remove cigarette lighter and pull it in again, then press “Reset button”, it will starts to work again.)


Built-in 5000,000 pixels high resolution camera.
System: PAL/NTSC compatible.
Recording resolution: 1280*720 / 960*720 / 640*480.
Recording time: If you set in the highest resolution, 2GB SD card can records about 1 hour.
Recording frame rate: 60/50/40/30 fps.
Supports real time playback.
Recording mode: automatic records when car power is on.
Record image + time + data.
Built-in microphone.
Circular records automatically, over-write if memory is full.
Supports up to 32G SD card(the card is not included )
Car cigarette lighter power supply, easy installation.
After car power is off, Li-ion battery will provide power to prevent video files loosing.
Cigarette Lighter: 12-24V
Working voltage/current: DC 5V/400mA.
Factory setting: Resolution: 1280*720,
Video backup: turn off power, remove SD card, and then insert it into the SD card slot of computer to read and backup.
Software upgrade: support (USB port)
You’d better use SDHC card.


Cigarette lighter cable to get power
Video output cable

wholesale and retail new HD720p Vehicle Car Camera DVR CAM Dashboard Recorder

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December 24th, 2010 at 7:22 am

The Dell Latitude D600 Is Getting No Power From the AC Adapter

By Jennifer Moore, eHow Contributor
updated: December 19, 2010

The Dell Latitude D600 is a part of the thin and light series made by Dell. This particular model is equipped with the newer Pentium M processor, making it one of the faster laptops of its time. It has all of the standard ports and features of the newer laptop models including the wireless mini card. However, like all laptops, after a certain period of time this computer can start to experience power issues. These power issues can be power cord, power outlet or DC Jack related.

    Power Cord Breaks and Lights

  1. Power shortage issues are often caused by problems with the power cord, and because this is such an easy fix, it is often overlooked. Check for breaks, tears or cuts in the cord and fix them with electrical tape or replace the cord, if the cuts are too deep. Check the box in the middle of the card to see if the surge protector light goes on when it is plugged into both the computer and power outlet; if this light is off then you need to replace the cord.
  2. Power Cord

  3. Check the voltage output for the power cord with a digital multimeter. If the voltage output does not have the correct Amps and Ohms listed on the surge protector box label (found in the middle of the cord) then you should replace the cord. Improper voltage transferring will keep the laptop from powering on.
  4. Power Jack

  5. When the DC power jack starts to fail or slightly loosens on the motherboard, it causes uneven voltage to reach the motherboard. Signs of this problem begin when you have to prop the power cord connector on the back of the computer in a certain way to get it to power on. Although the D600 will come on for some time by doing this, the DC jack is defective and needs to be replaced.
  6. dell AC Adapter for Dell Latitude D400 D500 D600 D800 Series

DELL 312-0090 451-10133 6Y270 9X821 battery replacement for dell LATITUDE D600 Inspiron 500 m 505 m 510 m 600 m 610 m

fit model:DELL INSPIRON M 500 505 510 600 M 06P758 D 600

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