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June 4th, 2011 at 1:39 am

Spotify: the beginning of the end of the free

A huge music catalog free and unlimited use through advertising , and has been promoted Spotify since hatching business model nearly three years, expanding to most European countries and trying, again and again, across the pond to the new continent.

But it has reached a turning point for the service of Swedish origin and we will experience it soon, especially if we make use of an account Open or Free , which are hitherto been free with ads. From now on, reach new limits designed to promote paid subscription to this program, and here’s the details:

What are these changes?

* Spotify entire catalog is still available to any user, but those who have accounts Free or Open can only hear up to 5 times each song . Once this limit, it turns off the catalog.

* The monthly limit listening time increases and now comes the Free Spotify users. In either of two free forms, users can only listen to 10 hours a month of music Spotify catalog.

Who is affected by these changes and from when?

These changes will be effective from May 1 to all users of Free or Open accounts registered before November 2, 2010 . In the event that your account is more recent than that date will have until November 1, 2011 , ie six months without such limitations.

Of course, the limits described above shall not apply to songs you’ve imported into Spotify from your hard drive .

And the reasons for Spotify?

The creators of the greatest musical phenomenon of the Internet in recent years argue that these measures are necessary to ensure that its business model to move forward . This strategy is a clear motivation for users who were hesitant about paying for this service, you decide to take the plunge, either in the form Unlimited , for euros 4.99, or premium , of 9.99 euros and Releases exclusive access to and use of the version for mobile Spotify .

As reassuring reason, Spotify says that the average user would only limit of 5 copies in 30% of the music you hear, ie not notice this change in 7 out of 10 songs .

These figures have not been proven, nor reassure users with a fixed collection of items that will have to continue listening to his songs by other means.

What I can do now to listen to music without limits?

Mainly you have two options:

1. Get a Spotify account payment will be abandoned to these limits and, incidentally, with the increasing amount of advertising the program. You can do it here .

2. Draw on their alternatives, as Grooveshark or Musicue , whose business models are supported also by advertising but not limited to, for now, the playing time of the catalog.

Espacio en blanco

What do you think these changes? Will they in the business of Spotify or, conversely, will generate more subscriptions and they will improve over time?



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