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August 2nd, 2011 at 2:29 am

Apple Updates for the MacBook Pro

All computer operating systems benefit from frequent software updates. Updates often address security vulnerabilities, improve system performance, or add new functionality to your computer. The Mac OS X operating system, supplied with Apple´s MacBook Pro, includes built-in functionality to keep the computer up to date.

  1. Software Update

    • The MacBook Pro´s OS X operating system includes a component called “Software Update.” By default, Software Update is configured to check for new software updates via the Internet on a weekly basis. Software Update checks for updates to individual Apple software applications, such as iTunes and QuickTime, as well as for updates to the OS X operating system.


    • Mac OS X´s System Preferences menu includes an icon that allows you to access the settings for Software Update. As well as allowing you to change the frequency of update checking to daily or weekly, you can also disable the Software Update functionality using these options. It is unwise to do this, as you may miss important security patches for your MacBook Pro. However, sometimes disabling updates temporarily may be necessary, such as when you are using an expensive mobile Internet connection.


    • When your MacBook Pro has downloaded updates to your computer, a dialog box appears to request that you install them. Before installing the updates, you can view information about each of them, which includes details of whether you will need to restart your computer to complete the installation. If it is not convenient to install updates when the dialog box appears, you can click the “Not now” button to postpone the updates.

      If you prefer not to wait until Software Update automatically updates based on its scheduled settings, you can manually trigger the Software Update utility, by clicking “Software Update” from the Apple menu.


    • It is always best to keep on top of software updates for your MacBook Pro, so that the computer runs at its best and is secure from the most recently discovered vulnerabilities. Leave the system configured to update on at least a weekly basis, and ensure you run Software Update manually once connected to your normal Internet connection if you have cause to disable it temporarily.

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