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June 10th, 2011 at 1:07 am

BYD Battery Become the focus Electric Vehicle caused three suspense

Legend car industry, car head FLYER Wang Chuanfu build electric car was already present on the surface, as a matter of iron nails. Yesterday, reporter learned from deputy general manager of BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. Wang permanent Department confirmed the first batch of 200 electric vehicles will soon BYD line , and the streets as taxis in Shenzhen debut. He said that the first batch of 200 BYD electric cars in the trial after the process of improving and perfecting with Pavilion dv4000 battery inspiron 5150 battery Inspiron E1705 battery, the production will soon be, available for sale.

BYD to take the lead private enterprises to create the first of a pure electric vehicle, the matter of China’s car industry is no doubt a major miracle. It also triggered a lot of suspense. The feasibility of electric cars from their own point of view, the core issue of debate lies in batteries, electric bicycle very well-known to describe the problem to Thinkpad T30 battery IBM 40Y9797 EVO N410C battery.

A few years ago, appeared in the market for electric bicycles, pedal the liberation of the suffering consumers, it also highlights a number of electric vehicles of its own problems: First, the use of rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles as fuel for a major common problem is lack of motivation, Start slowly and accelerate slowly Apple A1078; Second, rechargeable batteries are usually “short-lived”; Third, the easy circuit failure, often the way “off.” As a result of these widespread problems, the electric bike several times in the market perform “a flash in the pan”, the market is very slow to start. Small electric bicycle laptop battery in resolving the issue even come a long way so difficult, as a “monster” of BYD electric cars will be going through the same test it? This will be the BYD electric vehicle facing the first suspense.

Second, electric cars cost more than conventional gasoline cars, electric cars today is also difficult to mass commercial production of one of the main obstacles. While BYD electric cars that the cost of its single laptop battery only 4 million, but the use of rechargeable batteries matching the cost and determine the vulnerability of the overall consumption of electric vehicles the cost is not a small sum. BYD electric cars will be how to effectively address the rechargeable dell laptop battery life and cost issues? This is the second largest of its suspense face.

Third, although the electric car is environmentally-friendly vehicle, but the Apple laptop battery itself is not environmental protection, the use of complex chemical raw materials created by the battery once the waste, recycling will become difficult to deal with the toxic chemical waste, scrap battery recycling has become the face of environmental protection a major issue. BYD electric cars, even if the realization of the mass production and mass consumption, and if it failed to address the concentration of waste battery recycling issues,

The environmental protection departments may not be easily released. In short, dare to eat a crab BYD car while the first one to create electric vehicles with Thinkpad X40 battery Latitude C600 battery and at the same time can be said to have produced a series of new questions. 1 China’s first electric vehicle will go from here?

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